Mercury Math Lite

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Utvecklare: Synthetic Insights Ltd

Averse to Math? Reaching for the calculator at slightest inclination of numbers?

Hesitate no more.

Mercury Math is a fully-featured application that will guide you to the Master’s shortcuts. Learn how to multiply together numbers of any length all in your head, without writing anything down. It is accessible to all and will work at your own pace.

In an age where we gain tools to do ever more tasks for us, mental acuity is timeless. This application will not only help you keep, but also tone that acuity all the while learning useful and amazing tricks discovered by Jakow Trachtenberg.

Lite Content:
-Based on the Trachtenberg System of speed arithmetic.
-Multiplication by 11 and 9 shortcuts
-Effective correct answer checking technique.

Full Version has additionally:
-Specific shortcuts for multiplication by 1 through 12.
-Full Any-by-Any digit multiplication method.
-Lessons, practice, and progress feedback.
-Hours of learning content.
-Hard challenges that will keep you busy for months.

-Intuitive controls and rational interface: Start and Go!
-Guided learning, no need to guess-work the methodology. Just like having a teacher by your side.
-Need to go? No problem we’ll continue where you left off.
-Supports multiple users.
-Experience significant progress from just minutes-brief sessions.
-Listen and control your iPod music from within the app!

Use a calculator - solve a problem for a day.
Teach yourself speed multiplication – solve problems for a lifetime!